Archival project

Recently, I was contacted with an interesting project, being that I still possess and print using my darkroom.  I was also given a list of several books of photographs of nudes. – as I work through that list, I’ll be offering the books for sale, which will help offset the cost of printing the negatives. 20170115-_dsc6604

The interesting aspect of the project is the shoe box full of negatives, dating from the early 30’s to 40’s the majority of them are 128mm film negatives, with some 3.25. x 4.25 and several roles of 35mm. The negatives include Northern Nevada, Northern & Southern California, Arizona(The Grand Canyon) the 1932

scanned from a negative Virginia City, C Street Summer 1933

LA Olympics. many of these photos have some very interesting historical value.  Unfortunately,  I will not be posting many of them online, at least until I obtain permission.  As part of that due to the enormity of the project and the cost involved, I’ll also ask the owner if the negatives if we can start a crowdfunding campaign or obtain a sponsor to help pay for a dedicated negative scanner along with materials needed to print and process the negatives in the darkroom.



here’s a couple of photo’s that were printed


unlabeled, looks like Washoe Valley 






440 yd Dash, Ben Eastman leading Carr (Penn) in Second place; Carr passed Eastman to win  July 2nd, 1932






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