Civil War Reenactors camp guide

late last year, I was showing some different people, some documents that I’ve put together in a folder talking about our camp.  This folder continually grows with our camp, as we add items I tend to research the item and write a little info about it.

growing up, and having belonged to the Renaissance Military Society, we often spent time researching and in some cases documenting. Items, clothing etc. to prove the historical correctness.


Within the greater reenacting circles, the American Civil War is considered entry level reenacting. Unfortunately, there is also a great number of people, who often take the whole hobby as a big cosplay convention that is focused on the American civil war. while giving them excuses to, go burn powder.  These people also often give the wrong impressions making those who spend a lot of time an energy, learning the history and taking the extra effort to share that history, while doing the best that they can to provide an impression that the person and their items walked out of a history book.  – our camp is no exception to that.  and frankly, I was insulted when someone referred to my camera, and items within our camp as props. Then, to add fuel to that fire, there are people within the hobby, that create drama by not understanding basic skills that most people during the mid 19th century would have a basic understanding.

Thus, I started writing documents about the everything within our camp, which includes caring for the canvas tents, setting up, tearing them down and even folding them.
I’ve made wood and canvas cots originally based on plans from a book published in 1859 called the prairie traveler.

The fun part is that I’ve been able to share that info and help people with setting up their tents, folding them and so on.

anyway, my goal, to finish by end of the year and with help is to take sections of this folder to create a book, targeted towards the civil war reenactor, to help them take their impressions to the next level.





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