Kearny Park 2017

This basically is our last major event of the year, 2 days of School days and 2 days of working. with the travel of about 6 drive, done the day before School days, and the day after.

it takes us about 3-4 hours to setup and teardown our camp.

over the two days, of school day presentations, the event hosted some 3500 students of classes ranging from 20-40 students & parents, with a 15-minute presentation.  during that time I came up with a nice patented presentation, that keeps the student’s attention while pouring them full of facts, about photography. along with some of the amazing things that were introduced with collodion photography.

I’m proud of myself, in that I was invited to give a paid presentation to a school in Fresno California, early next year.

This year, we were placed under some Monkey Puzzle trees, that dropped everything they could on our tents, requiring me to set up the tents, wash them and fold them back up before storing them for the winter. However, we were also placed in the corner of the Artisan and Civilian town, this allowed for greater visibility, and ended up keeping us so busy that, we never had a chance to leave and visit the rest of reenactment.

but, I was able to take some nice photo’s


Then Finally, I have some new idea’s that I’m developing to offer as I hope low-cost alternative for students and hopefully everyone else to enjoy as a Battle Born Historical photography exclusive item. – that if the idea goes will be expanded upon.

Here’s a teaser hint, it’s something that many photographers worked on, something that many modern collodion photographers have thought of. it was something that was popularized during the Civil War, that I’m hoping to reintroduce.









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