This is a list of different organizations that in some forum or another have helped us create Battle Born Historical Photography. and as we expand, this list will continue to grow.  – please do not be offended if I have not listed group, it’s likely I just haven’t gotten that far or has been forgotten.

Comstock Civil War Reenactors 
This is the primary Civil War Club that we belong to, and in many respects, they’ve helped us to create Battle Born Historical Photography

Nevada Civil War Volunteers
This is another one of the Clubs within Northern Nevada, we have been known to occasionally visit and help at their events.

The Ft. Churchill Living History Organization
we are proud to be included as a co-operative organization and
are looking forward towards future endeavors

PACWR – The Pacific Area Civil War Reenactors
To promote the safe and continued growth of the Civil War Reenacting in the historical pacific theater of the American Civil War (while we are civilians we belong to CCWR, which is a PACWR member, as part of that we too follow the PACWR safety regulations)

Nevada Historical Society
The Nevada Historical Society has helped provide some direction for research on our different projects.

Virginia City, Nevada
Virginia City as it’s called today sprung-up as a boomtown with 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode. It’s considered home for the Comstock Civil war reenactors.

Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse
During Virginia Cities heyday, there were several brewpubs with beer and fresh oysters being imported daily from San Fransico, today the Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse are recapturing, with their own C Steet Wheat or Yellowjacket Honey pale ale and the Dayton 4-4-0 Lager, each being named from local lore unique to Virginia city. Battle Born Historical photography is proud to have a couple of tintypes on display at the brewery.

Creative Cockades
Heather does a wonderful job at creating carefully researched and historically correct cockades, that we proudly display, supporting our respective political affiliations. like most photographers of the era, we state that we are from New York, but we are Civilians.


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