Unusual cases


We have a affinity for unusual types of cases, with the most common case being made from paper wrapped wood or from a thermal set plastic, commonly and incorrectly called Gutta-percha.  The cases that we like to collect and add our personal collection, are often cases that represent a unique shape, size or details that catch our fancy.

Within the main photograph, are some of our rarer and unique case, some are made from metal, wood and velvet, or leather that closes like like wallet.  while there’s a few that are made from paper-mache. with the mix of them being different shapes, such as the oreo shaped ones, which are named that simply because their shape looks like an oreo cookie

one of our more favored styles is crafted from paper-mache, theses cases are often crafted to look like a small book, with some being covered with velvet, and other fancy filigree. while the others are often lacquered, and inset with bit’s of mother of pearl, gold wire to create an intricate pattern on what could be considered the cover, while the back remains a plain, the cover pattern is more often  represents a  flower. the cases are then finished with gold leaf for the pages, and fine details in the inside of the case.

there is little to no information on who crafted theses cases, and due to their nature, each is basically a unique piece of art.

With that, our latest mother of pearl case is a  9th plate sized case.

Complete with it’s latch, and is without a broken spine, it contained a broken ambrotype of a woman wearing an unusually large lace collar dating the image to the early 1850’s. The ambrotype was backed with a separate piece of glass that had been blackened with using asphaltum.  The image, typically also gives a good idea on the age of the case as well.