The Fallon Photographic Project

This project was born out of suggestion for marketing and exhibitions, the suggestion was to photograph local historic sites in Fallon, NV post the concept of the O’Sullivan project, and I’ve decided to use this project as a parallel stepping stone, for building upon the O’Sullivan Project.  For this project, I can take some artistic liberties, while some of the photo’s of the area are originally wet-plate, many of them are not, or they are photo’s of modern things, I’m also not attempt to recapture things as they were. With those liberties I’ll be choosing the media and how the photo is presented, the primary focus is used of 19th century techniques, but it also includes some film and digital.

The idea is to take artistic based photos of buildings, markers and other interesting aspects of Fallon that make Fallon what it is today and with each photo describe the significance and/or history of object.

What makes Fallon unique? As compared to say Virginia City, Nevada which is just a short drive away?

Today Fallon is the County Seat for Churchill County and is a town with an interesting history and dichotomy. It’s basically small Oasis in the desert, along the Californian immigrant trail.

Fallon Tintype
This copy of the Original photo was taken early June 2015, it was taken using a Darlot, Petzval style  lens on a whole plate(6.5″ x8.5″) size tintype

As I photograph different area’s of Fallon, Nevada I’ll be posting the photo’s and history behind the photograph on a special blog, that you can follow with the following link

the scope of this project has expand to include northern Nevada.

The Fallon photographic project



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