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Our vision is to eventually create the embodiment of a 19th-century studio, that allows people to see and learn about the many aspects and processes of photography from the 19th century to the 20th century. We are striving to build this vision by stepping back in time following the footsteps of great photographers who helped the world see itself for the 1st time. We’ve chosen these processes because it forces the practitioners to slow down and truly appreciate the wonders while seeing the world in a different light. – in today’s digital world there is no true preservation or achievability for the future generations to see.  With thousands of digital photo’s taken daily which are more often nothing more than an instantaneous snapshot that can be deleted on a whim, or will be lost with changing technologies.

We’ve started to build our vision by working as living history artisans, demonstrating and teaching at various events such as Civil War-era reenactments and Maker Faires, and other small venues. We are also striving on improving our skills, through actively working on different projects and styles of photography, which is often augmented by regularly improving our presentations and overall impression.

All of this takes a lot of time and dedication. as part of our goal, we looking forward to future to become self-sustaining. however, at present time we have limited income and have presently invested thousands of dollars and hours towards our vision.

And as we shift to dedicating ourselves full time towards our vision, We are now looking for sponsors, donors, and grants that will allow us to focus on our goals.  You may learn more about who we are and our work throughout our website.

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We also would like to give special thanks to the Comstock Civil War Reenactors, as it was their inspiration that has helped us build Battle Born Historical Photography.