Reproduction Cases and Frames


original 1860’s paper and wood, quarter plate case

The small case was used by artist for miniature portraits and silhouettes for many years prior to the invention of the Daguerreotype – as stated by Paul K. Burg, in his book “Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases”


With the release of Daguerre’s process in 1839, there was an explosion of interest in producing this wonderful likeness of life, and many individuals hastened to learn the art.  By its very nature, the daguerreotype was and is still easily subject to irreparable damage. – Thus it became important and a popular way to project and display photographic images.


quarter plate Frame
Quarter plate union wall frame, with an original tintype of a Federal Soldier

We offer an ever growing and changing selection of cases and frames, each of our cases is either an original case or is based on an original.

It’s important to note that we have a limited supply of vintage new/old stock reproduction cases along with antique cases that have been carefully restored, each of the cases are individually marked with their respective price.




Gibson Ranch 2016 with a new/old stock modern plastic reproduction

Our original cases often include original mats and preservers.

Our handcrafted cases and frames are faithful museum quality reproductions based upon originals that we have painstakingly collected,

They are priced accordingly to their sizes and complexity, to reproduce when purchased as a package, discounts to the package are offered.





 Cases & Frames we have available



Our modern produced new old stock case, we consider ourselves fortunate to have found theses cases, they very popular, reasonably durable reproduction cases molded from an original style union case

For more information about the types of cases and how we make them please visit our blog posting