Universal Plate holder


Conceptually the Universal wet-plate holder is a hybrid design based upon a conventional style wet-plate holder and film holder.  It’s designed to fit a standard sized spring back, as found on any number of contemporary view cameras. This will allow the individual to use a universal wet-plate holder with a contemporary camera, without having to modify or custom make a new back for the camera.  Additionally each plate holder is designed to support the maximum size plate with respect to the size of the plate holder, and then easily be down sized via inserts.

At present time I’m working on 3 different sizes


  • 4×5
  • 5×7
  • 8×10


Being the principle designer/maker I’m facing some unique challenges that have delayed the prototypes.

Within the 1st week of August 2016 I hope to create a couple of working models to address some of those challenges

universal plate holder

Alpha test – August 5th 2016