Living History & Education

This has become one our of passions, driving us. We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money to present a very complete impression of a 19th century photography studio, that we bring to different events with us.

Carson City 6-13-16
Carson City, Nevada 2016

As part of each  living history presentation we incorporate several period or close to period antiques, and or facsimiles of items that would have likely been used during, in and around the civil war, our lenses and some of our camera’s are 19th century. as you explore our website, you’ll find various bits of information about many of our antiques, in a sense we are also a traveling museum.

We have set a presidencies, that at nearly each event we attend, we are adding something new, That helps improve our overall impression, often times we’ve restored or custom built different aspects of our camp, based upon research and need.

As artisans/makers, we like to support other artisans and other reenactors through offering some of  those items that we’ve made or restored for sale or trade, we also love showing those items off.

For example  – earlier 2016  I completed  some camp beds or cots,pt14b

The designs were influenced from a 19th century book called the prairie traveler, by Randolph B. Marcy, Captain U. S. Army , the book was published in 1859. Those original plans where interpreted by the

Master Woodworker A. J. Hamler and published in his books Civil War Woodworking, volume’s I & II.

new cots Carson City 2016
in our tent, Carson City, Nevada 2016

The cots are comfortable to sleep on, and are easy to break down and setup while providing easy transport.

for more information about the cots, please click and download the PDF


I’m presently creating a folder that contains specific information about the camp – as I compile that information, I’ll be posting printable/downloadable PDF files on different aspects of the camp along with our presentation here.

Additionally we are regularly improving our educational program that we present, to groups of students.  While actively taking photographs, we have been featured on the news and in some local magazines, and invited to different venues.  we are typically very busy at events, and rarely have the ability to leave our camp.

As we would love to attend and do presentations at many of these events, however at present time our presentations are paid for out of our pockets and via what is sold at events from doing custom tintype portraits. there have been times wherein this simply doesn’t come close to the cost involved.

It is important to note, that while we sell tintypes taken at events and at times may act as vendors – we are not actually vendors we are artisan who are subject to any number of variables that can and often do prohibit our abilities to take a photo.

we would love to come to your event or give a special presentation
please contact as for further information.