Mariposa Civil War event.

We are sad to announce that, we chose to bypass the Mariposa Civil War Event due to weather – for us when we attend events such as Mariposa, we travel on Thursday to set up for the School Days presentation on Friday,  then return on Monday. Due to the required time that we are on site, and that we travel heavy, this means towing our trailer and setting up to stay onsite for the duration.  Mariposa is a 7-hour drive for us.

With the rain and snow that was forecast, with zero UV on Saturday, this effectively would have prevented us from taking wet-plate photos for the majority of the weekend.

Wet-plate collodion photography is not as exacting a science as we would like. Also, the chemicals are sensitive to the climate, temperature, and elevation, it also relies heavily on the slower wavelengths of light, primarily Ultra Violet and Blue.  Thus, when those wavelengths of light are filtered out via clouds, it basically prevents us from doing timely photographic exposures, stretching the time of a single exposure to several minutes.

Please note, at present time, Battle Born Historical Photography is on a shoestring budget and often operates at a negative. While Battle Born Historical Photography is technically classified as a for-profit, photographic artist buiness and falls under some different non-profit organizations for education. When we are effectively prevented from doing photographic work, it negates our purpose.

We apologize to the organizers and our friends who had counted on our presence.

P.S. on a personal note, one of the things we missed the most was the birthday celebrations of two of our friends, Becky Thompson & Jack Eaves. 

Kristine & Sharon




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