Agfa-Ansco Tri-pod

please note this tripod is available for sale at our Ebay Store 


The Agfa/Ansco name was used on cameras and associated gear such as tripods from 1928 to 1943.

with that, it’s easy to state that cameras, tripods along with any other hardware used with cameras in specific are from the 1930’s

What I’m offering is a large format fully adjustable Agfa/Ansco tripod, that is in reasonable condition for its age. all of its parts in place, however, the spring that holds the crank to raise or lower the head is weak and should be replaced, or re-tensioned.  the platform is also missing a piece of wood, this doesn’t physically affect anything.

This tripod will comfortably support a heavy Agfa/Ansco 8 x 10 Universal, View Camera.

this tripod with its legs fully extended raises up to 52.5″ tall,  with it’s lowest possible height as 29″

The Tripod folds 35′ long and about 9″ diameter.

The platform on the head is 9.5″ x 6.75″ covered with its original felt, that’s in excellent condition.





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