Eastman 2-D

ekcprof1936lp285-06-07-small.jpgThis handsome 70 + year old camera, is a true veteran, wearing the distinguished badge of

honor as a C1 ground camera, along with it’s matching case, if the camera could talk, it could likely regale us with many stories of having captured moments in time of our military history.


Needless to say this again is an excellent fully working Kodak 2D camera; series 2 cameras where considered a strongly constructed professional camera, with the D standing for Dark finish – this particular camera is dark mahogany with dark finished cherry rails, the bellows appear to be their original morocco leather – they have no light leaks and have been tested, using professional methods and via taking photo’s. the camera also includes an original internal bellow support. The brass fixtures display their original dull brass finish. – I’ve replaced the focus  glass and have serviced this camera as per typical care for wood & brass cameras.

This camera comes with an original C1 designated carrying case, that has some wear on the bottom of the case which I’ve reinforced with a sheet of acrylic.  Basic focusing cloth

scanned paper postive -1
8×10 taken July 27th 2016 using the 2-D

8×10 taken july 27th 2016 using the 2-D, the lines are scan lines from my scanner

3 film holders, an extension rail, and its tri-pod block – in addition it also comes with an rare premium condition, #4 crown tripod – the camera was originally setup with a shutter-less 1:5.6 /260mm Fujinon-Xerox process/copy lens, which would work nicely with wet-plate, and provides a very shallow depth of field, allowing for some interesting bokeh effects


The bellows draw 29 ½”
Weight of the camera 11 ¼ lbs
Lens board 9″ x 9″


Before shipping the camera off to it’s new owner I agreed to come up with a solution to lock the front standard, with some help from a friend of mine who’s a machinist, we were able to come up with the following.


Please note this camera has been sold




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