The Rochester Optical Company, New Model Improved Camera Has enjoyed the reputation of being the most popular camera in the market, and deservedly so, it being the only strictly first-class camera made at a price within the reach of the ordinary amateur. Made of Honduras mahogany, highly polished with nickle trimmings, this camera was produced from 1885-1895



This Camera is a 5×8 camera, which had it’s bellows changed in the early 1980’s, since I’ve owned the camera, I’ve patched the bellows, adapted the original film/dry plate holders with custom designed and laser cut inserts, that allow me to shoot anything from a 5×7 down to, 9th plate size wet-plate – the design for the inserts have helped spawn the idea for my universal plate holders



one of the ROC’s modified plate holders 

With the exception of my main purpose built wet-plate camera, this is the only other camera that I use as a wet-plate camera, at least until I finish making my universal plate holder, it’s a great and 6-11-15.jpglight-weight camera to work with.






This half plate photo, was taken using the Rochester Optical Co. or ROC for short camera.