History of Battle Born Historical photography

Battle Born Historical Photography was born out of a passion for living history, it has become our pleasure and honor to share that passion.

Using Sharon’s and Kristine’s combined histories as reenactors, and with a re-emergence into reenacting, it was requested to create, what is called an impression after some research it was decided that, creating an impression as a 19th-century photographer, utilizing the same methods and techniques.  This provided an excellent way to participate as well as give to the club and community. These ideas lead to applying Kristine’s background in the arts and engineering to learn the wet collodion process. This in conjunction with developing similar equipment that a 19th-century photographer would have used. as part of that, they also spent time learning the history of photography and how it impacted the world.

As ideas developed and our skills improved – we starting finding a niche market helping support the idea of a business. The Name Battle Born Historical Photography was born in honor of the Battle Born state of Nevada. Which is called that having been born out of the American Civil War. Battle Born – being born from American Civil War Reenacting and within the Battle Born State.  Historical Photography, in that we specialize in what is deemed as historical photographic processes or alternative photographic processes This this includes 19th century and early 20th-century process.

As The business cannot survive strictly on tintype portraiture work done at reenactments, as much as may like it to. We have a few different projects that we are constantly researching, practicing and developing new ideas and ways to that helps us build the business while sharing our passion.