Backdrops and Props


Our props often times include items that we have available in our camp, with many of the items being antiques. this means they are not mock-up Hollywood models are reproductions, so please if we offer them for use, treat them with respect.





With clothing, makeup and backdrops, it’s important to understand that collodion based photographs react to light differently than conventional film, It’s most sensitive light is the slower wave lengths, such as Blue and Ultraviolet. Ideal photographic conditions are in open shade, here’s an example of a grey scale photographed using collodion




Each of our backdrops are professionally hand painted. making them unique. the examples are from actual tintypes, with a color photo for comparison.

for a selection of our backdrops, we are honored to have the ability to present some backdrops painted by James Bright:

from 1988 Las Angeles Times about James Bright

While some people stand behind their work, James Bright’s work stands behind people.
Bright is the master of the canvas background, and his work is seen everywhere–in the
portraits of high school grads, Presidents and rock stars. His artwork has appeared in literally millions of photographs.
– James passed away several years ago –

book case backdrop -2
5′ x 5′ Custom Bookcase by James Bright

_DSC3471  blue backdrop
5′ x 6′ Taragon
hand painted on Canvas by James Bright

_DSC3474.jpg  brown & blue backdrop
5′ x 6′ Ghost
hand painted Canvas unaccredited

_DSC3509.jpg  browns backdrop
5′ x 8′ hand painted Canvas

The following backdrop is for the special photo or occasion
setup fees are applied if being used for a single photo

_DSC3514.jpg  stairwell backdrop.jpg
This Backdrop, simply entitled Stairwell is hand painted Muslin and measures 10′ x 20′ when setup it is 10′ tall 10′ wide with another 10 square ground cloth, creating a seamless illusion

it was made by a company called pro-photo connect


as of recently we’ve added new curtains as part of our ever growing presentation